2013 Photography & Service

What I love about CTE is that we are the teachers who love teaching and do what we teach. This summer of 2013, I have had the opportunity to learn, do and share my talents as a photographer. Photo Summer Conference and an apprenticeship connected me with 3 great teachers and professional practices that brought strength to my work.

Each teacher present at the night time activity received an Ollo Clip for their iphones. Super fun time to explore. The macro lens had to be only 1/2 inch away to focus.

The Family Reunion in Colorado gave me opportunity to practice what I had just learned about lighting and layering.

Sharing my talents for two different service opportunities helped me increase my previsualization and preproduction skills.  We spent a half day scouting the location, another gathering props, and another returning the props for a “make a wish” high fashion shoot, then repeated the process again for a “Ten Virgins” production. Most of the work in photography comes before the shutter is clicked.