2014 Ad Design

Cedar-Fort-LDS-Book-Publisher-Utah-LogoTEACHERS IN BUSINESS EXTERNSHIP with CEDAR FORT PUBLISHING & MEDIA for 2 weeks.   I felt like a member of the Cedar Fort family. Each day I was greeted by name with smiles and ended each day with a thank you for my help. I loved every minute working in such a positive and creative environment.  A special thanks to Shanda and Rebecca for trusting me to design promotionals for your clients. I learned a lot about workflow on the computer, under time constraints and within a team. I bring back good energy to build trust, belief and unity with my class environment, class flow, and within my students.  Day one they had me designing promotional for the Cedar fort outlet store. book n thingsIt was great.

Each product was first researched, images gathered and brainstormed. Then best product was edited by the main designer and it wasn’t over then; in a day or two, the client then could more clearly define his/her needs for me to edit again. Keeping all products as a Photoshop file made the process much easier–whether mine or the designers.

The last piece was to work on a cover design. Got 3 I liked. Waiting to hear from the client.WHITNESSES OF CHRIST TIO

John Pontius is one of m favorite authors. It was fun to do promotion bookmarks for two of his books.


Most of my work was creating promotionals with digital (cmyk) and print (rgb) promotions for book covers already designed. Another campaign for a new book. I loved how this one turned out. Still waiting for the client’s ok.FIRST VISION CAMPAIGN

PRACTICALMeet the Author Posters