2014 Photography

My favorite time of the summer is my CTE PHOTO WORKSHOP. Three days of great fun and learning from professionals. LYMAN WINN started us off on Wednesday at LIQUID STUDIOS with a little fashion shooting.

Wednesday night we were excited to meet at the Great Salt Lake to shoot STEEL WOOL IMAGES. Set up was at twilight: focus, aperture, shutter speed and tripod; The most important part is fire safety with these giant home made sparklers. Looking forward to a Steel Wool shoot with my Advance Photo Students the end of January.

Photographer/Model PHOTO MEET-UP Thursday evening at the Provo Amphitheater with the CTE Photo Teachers and many other photographers.

Sometimes you are in the right spot with more than your cell phone on hand. Caught these after our Photo Teachers Meet-Up in Provo. PERSONAL SHOOT

One of the best parts of teaching photography is the quality of my images for my family and the ability to capture them any place or time because I know how to control the exposure and focus.