5. White Balance, Flash, & Lens Options

1. WB for TRUE COLOR or EXPRESSIVE COLOR: White Balance keeps contrast clear when white is white not gray by using the built in lens filters of a digital camera. Change your white balance settings in the field for options rather than settling for (AWB) automatic white balance and adjusting in Photoshop.

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Short Courses: Chapter 4 “Capturing Light & Color” Animation  http://www.photocourse.com/itext/whitebalance/

2. FLASH FILL : the Do’s and Don’ts for Greater Success

ShortCourses: Chapter 6 “Using a Flash” Be sure to read everything and tryout the animations.
Using Your Flash

3 Great Tips for Shooting in Backlight–sunrise, sunsets, worm’s eye with a sky background.

3. LENS OPTIONS: consider lens type, digital vs. optical, zoom vs. prime, lens length and lens speed
” target=”_blank”>  PRIME VS ZOOM
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Short Courses: Chapter 5 “Understanding Lenses” Be sure to read everything and tryout the animations.
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