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There is power in a close-up. It is the single most important thing anyone can do to strengthen their photography skills. Below you will learn how to use the close-up to strengthen your focal point and visual communication.
1. Start with camera set-up.
(1) Set your File Size to Large
(2) Set your File Type to JPG
(3) Insert and Format your Memory Card 
(4) Set to Auto: Focus, ISO, AWB,(white balance) Auto Priority

2. Keep the focus sharp on the most important details by relevant lens use.

Getting the most from your WIDE ANGLE LENS.

Getting the most from your TELEPHOTO LENS.

3. Use the camera’s exposure modes to capture your subject with ease and experiment with design focus.
mode dialAUTO: the camera thinks exposure so you can think framing; GREEN BOX                                                                PORTRAIT MODE: the camera keeps the subject sharp and a strong focal point with a soft background –GIRL ICON      LANDSCAPE MODE: the camera keeps all the photo in sharp focus with a small aperture while using the shutter and ISO to obtain good exposure (use a tripod in lower light) MACRO MODE: focuses sharp close up–2 to 4 inches and . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . blurs all in the background behind it. Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 9.48.03 PM
4. BRACKET in 3’s to record, explore and discover the greatest images for your portfolio.

Take 3 DIFFERENT DEPTH OF FIELDS with the 3 LENS MODES of the same subject position with MACRO (close close-up limited focus), WIDE ANGLE (all sharp)for the 3 subject framing techniques below.

1- fill the frame–landscape & portrait formats–MACRO, WIDE ANGLE, & TELEPHOTO










2-subject close with a small portion of background–landscape & portrait formats–MACRO, WIDE ANGLE, & TELEPHOTO

3-subject close with a large portion of background–landscape & portrait formats–MACRO, WIDE ANGLE, & TELEPHOTO

BONUS PROJECT: Making Your Own Extension Tube for Macro Images

10 Tips for Macro Photography