COMPOSE : pick your subject focal point and move in CLOSE, use your background LEADING LINES,  change your POINT of VIEW, then select your creative sharpness for SIMPLICITY with EMPHASIS with artistic flair.

1. Experiment with LEADING LINES: increased feeling of depth and layers of interest; increased movement that guides the viewers eye through the photo and to your subject;   increase meaning by the type of lines you use as you develop a personal style.
7 leading lines

2. Experiment with Point of View: change the angle your camera sees the subject from–worm’s eye, bird’s eye, eye to eye & looking through objects.

3. Experiment with Motion Control: Stop Action Portraits, Panned moving subject Portraits, and Creative Blur to accent your portraits

 4. Experiment with Depth of Field: use Aperture Priority (A or AV) to change up your distance focus. Try greater area of sharp focus to tell the whole story of your subject and its location. Try a softer average background focus to hint at the location surrounding your subject. Try a soft limited or shallow focus to blur out distracting elements surrounding your subject. I like to bracket in threes by trying all three depths of field.

Microsoft Word - Perspective Portraits.docx