Digital Gallery 2014

Sharing the Best of Fall 2013
“While the Sun is Setting…” ASD Digital Photography Criteria Show:  Students composed images in the magic hour while the sun is setting.
-Light is not the focal point but the treatment for a subject
-The magic happens not only west, but in all directions so don’t forget to look 360 degrees for the special effects
-Patterns of Light work best when broken with the subject
-Use a tripod as the shutter will slow down and camera jiggles will cause blurring
-Change your point of view to increase content and personal style (look up, look down, look eye to eye, look through)
-Use your mode settings to explore depth of field and your flash or a reflector to fill in light on the subject that is lit from behind or when shadows are too strong

Portraits with Content: Students composed portraits with a strong voice by framing with an intent to send a message about their subject’s personality. Remembering to select the balance, point of view, background and lighting treatments to increased the artistic impact while developing a personal style.

Abandoned and Composed: Students composed color, line, shape and textures of objects that they found left behind. Changing their angle and taking advantage of lighting increased the artistic impact of the image.