Shanda Craig lead designer for Cedar Fort Books shared with us the workflow of a professional design team.

…Client Needs
…Emotional Connection to the Target Audience

…Fonts, Images, Background, & Color
…Dominance Flow–space, focal point, movement
…Emotional Connection to attract the target audience

Shanda's First Cover

Cedar Fort designer Shanda’s First Cover

3. DESIGN TEAM REVIEW (suggestions for a stronger impression from the team)

…COMMUNICATION: the message, the focal point, the emotion & the artistic impact
…ADJUSTING ELEMENTS: fonts, image, focal point, background, color
…ADJUSTING DOMINANCE FLOW: space, focal point, movement

EDITOR REVIEW…spelling, spacing, proportions

Shanda Craig's Second Cover





CLIENT REVIEW…the client is always right
…ADJUSTING or PROMOTING to find a design compromise that pleases you, the client and the Art Director

Shanda's First Cover

Shanda’s Final Cover

ART DIRECTOR¬† REVIEW…adjust if needed
…File Type & Color Mode–PRINT (RGB 300 ppi) or WEB (CMYK 72 ppi)

Always keep the psd or idd incase a change is needed in organized folders that all members of the design team can locate easily if needed to help out.

“I know it looks a lot like the very first cover design, and sometimes that is how it works out. After all the changes you resort back to the original idea. Sometimes everyones input does not mesh well together. And I do feel that the second cover was a lot more juvenile looking than we wanted to go for because this book is meant for the parents to read. But it is still a fun cover. Of course it doesn’t always work that way, sometimes I take the suggestions from the survey and make a lot of changes that really make the cover better. I think you just need to rely on your design skills and talents and test out the ideas of others and if they work and make the cover better, great!