Ad Design

FINE ART: What does it take to make it great?
As you watch this video of one of the top fine artist  in 2014–VOKA

FINE ART is a visual personal expression that takes time, design, drawing and media technique to communicate to accepting viewers. It’s creators are often referred to as “the starving artist,” as it might be a prolonged amount of time until a work is sold. Most fine artist create form themselves, thus comes the quote “ART for ART’S SAKE.”

The best thing about the skills of COMMERCIAL ART and AD DESIGN is the ability to use them in your everyday life: PUTTING YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD; SERVING THOSE AROUND YOU; BEING PAID FOR THE JOY OF CREATING. We create art by commission to promote a specific product, service, or event.


This is a course in the applied visual arts that prepares individuals to use artistic design techniques to effectively communicate ideas and information to business and consumer audiences via illustrations and other forms of digital or printed media. Instruction include s training in concept design, layout, paste‐up, and techniques such as silkscreen, drawing, cartooning, and computer graphic

WHAT IS DESIGN ? As you watch, think about what that means to us in this class called Ad Design and Commercial Art.

CLIENT: philosophy–MISSION & VISION of the company
AUDIENCE: culture–TARGET GROUP purchasing the product, service or event
RESEARCH: history of past effectiveness and current trends–ATTRACTION
ORIGINAL: style/unique way–BRANDING recognition of the company, idea, book, etc.
PROMOTION: communication–PRODUCT choice of element choices, design arrangement, typography, and copy

WHAT IS COMMUNICATION?  Listen to this User Centered video for 1 key idea that could help us as we design products that will be used by those who buy them..

WHO IS THE CLIENT? WHAT IS THE PRODUCT? WHO IS TARGET AUDIENCE?   (the owner of the product)    ( the item, service, or event)   (the proposed buyers)